Koiaen48 is a group of 2 kids, Logan and Kailey, who film their dances and put them on their YouTube channel. thumb|380px|right|Prime Video

Koiaen48 Is BornEdit

Koiaen48 actually started on Christmas night when Kailey was sleeping over at her cousin Logan's house. While pulling an all-nighter they just randomly filmed some dances and Logan got the idea of creating a YouTube channel for them called Koiaen48.


The name "Koiaen48" was created by Kailey when they were thinking of a name for the YouTube channel. The way she came up with it was that she mixed up the orders of the letters in their names.

K = 1st letter of Kailey

O = 2nd letter of Logan

I = 3rd letter of Kailey

A = 4th letter of Logan

E = 5th letter of Kailey

N = 5th letter of Logan (The reason it's the 5th letter again is because the name Logan only has 5 letters.)

4 = Total letters in Kailey's last name.

8 = Total letters in Logan's last name.

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